Sunday, April 18, 2010


How to Get a Job If You Want To Join Merchant Navy

Many people like to stick to the first job they jet for life long but other like to explore. People who like changes can not bear same working place for much longer time. They want to develop there skills and side by side make good career. These people are keen of working in interesting environment. If you have the same impasse then you can get the answer of this problem by choosing merchant navy as your career option. You can spend lot of free time along with good pay scale. You will found this work really interesting and also you can travel through out the world. If you want to develop your career in merchant navy then you must know how to get a job in that field. For this person you need to find out such company that can train and sponsor you.

It is easy to find out such company you only need to search on internet about various shipping companies who are involved in training cadets. Every year new students are recruited by big companies. The first stage to get admission is online registration where you can just fill and submit your form. If you have successfully done the first step then you can step up to next step that is the interview. You will receive a call for interview. In the interview you will be questioned by ex captains who have experience and knowledge about the job you are applying for. They know who deserve that job out of number of candidates.

The answer to this question “how to get a job” is not easy. If you want to pass your interview you need to do a lot of research about it and get fully prepared with it. You must know what kind of job you want to perform, what are the conditions that you will be facing once you joined that job. You must know about the equipments that you will be using. In the interview you have to convince the interviewer that you know the problems that you have to face during the training period and you can easily cope up with the life on ship that you have to spend for months.

It will take few weeks to know the result after you have appeared for an interview. If you have cleared this stage then there is another stage which is the second interview. Once you have received call for another interview does not worry about it because this is little less formal interview than the previous one. This interview is the introduction not more than that. This is much like HR interview where they want to observe you as a person. You will also get to know about the company in more detail. If you have successfully passed that interview then you will be selected for that job. Now you have to just study so that you are fully qualified and perform that job in the best possible manner. The sponsorship will be provided by the company.